• “Africa will benefit much more from direct investments...
  • …Therefore we believe in the current movement…
  • …from “doing good” to “doing business” as a way…
  • …to generate sustainable economic development and so social development...”
  • Unleash Africa’s many business opportunities…
  • ...Invest in Development!

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Welcome to our website

ProAfrica Ltd. is a consultancy and social venturing company, active in the sectors agri-food and energy. Our mission is to promote pro-poor economic growth in Africa. Our core activities comprise of:

  • provision of business consultancy services to companies and organisations
  • direct investments in the agri-food sector.

ProAfrica advises companies and organizations which are operating in the sectors agri-food and energy in Southern Africa. Our services range from market research, feasibility studies and business plan development to assisting in acquiring finance, technical support and project management.

In addition to consultancy services, ProAfrica itself invests in agribusiness projects. We identify promising business opportunities and develop them into viable business projects. Apart from profitability, creating a positive social impact is an important investment criterion. Based on a well-considered business plan, we provide the necessary technical support and assist in obtaining finance to get the project started.

ProAfrica directs its services to local and international companies, organizations and governments. If necessary to realize a project, we will collaborate with specialized partners.