• “Africa will benefit much more from direct investments...
  • …Therefore we believe in the current movement…
  • …from “doing good” to “doing business” as a way…
  • …to generate sustainable economic development and so social development...”
  • Unleash Africa’s many business opportunities…
  • ...Invest in Development!

Projects featured

About us

ProAfrica assists companies and organizations in implementing their business activities and projects in Southern Africa. We focus on Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

ProAfrica is convinced that trade and industry can significantly contribute to a sustainable economic development of the African continent. However, such a contribution is still falling short also due to the image of the continent. However, Africa is also a continent of growth potential. At present, more than a billion people inhabit the continent. It is abundantly blessed with natural resources and has a lot of fertile land at its disposal. Productivity and per capita income are increasing whereas governments are open to investors.

Africa is challenged to allow its societies to benefit from its potential and to realize an acceptable return on investment. Social venturing offers this opportunity: to invest knowledge, vision and financial means in an environment in which companies and government are not yet sufficiently presented. Such investments do contribute positively to the society and stimulate sustainable development. ProAfrica would be pleased to assist you by implementing investments in which the local community is involved.

Consultancy services

ProAfrica renders advisory services in support of companies and organisations active in the agribusiness and energy sector. Our consultancy services range from market research, feasibility studies, business plan development and value chain analysis to assisting in acquiring project financing, technical assistance and project management.

Direct investments

ProAfrica invests in commercially interesting business projects in the agri-food sector in which local farmers also participate. Our strategy is to introduce new crops, varieties and/or technologies provided available markets.  By doing so, ProAfrica holds a key position in developing and managing the chain. This approach requires a close collaboration with all stakeholders involved. Together with research institutes and companies we consider opportunities to market new crops and technologies.

As a social venturing company our activities always aim at creating added value to both investors and the local community.