• “Africa will benefit much more from direct investments...
  • …Therefore we believe in the current movement…
  • …from “doing good” to “doing business” as a way…
  • …to generate sustainable economic development and so social development...”
  • Unleash Africa’s many business opportunities…
  • ...Invest in Development!

Projects featured


Employment creation and strengthening the local business community – ProAfrica offers you a unique opportunity to contribute to this. By investing in one of our projects in southern Africa you support the local community. You can invest in two types of projects:

  1. Small-scale agricultural projects such as purchasing machinery, the construction of an irrigation scheme, the construction of processing units and logistics.
  2. Medium-sized projects: Apart from investing in building and machinery, we also provide working capital. This is used to finance cultivation, processing or marketing of crops and products.

ProAfrica actively searches for commercially interesting projects. Think of the introduction of promising crops or new technology. We preferably involve smallholder farmers and local entrepreneurs in this process.

Projects usually start as pilot projects. When a project takes off well, it will be scaled up to a commercially viable project. Activities will be accommodated in a separate business unit. ProAfrica will take a share herein. In this way we contribute to a sound management and by doing so toward the continuity of the company.

Projects are financed by capital from social venturing entrepreneurs and institutions and equity capital provided by ProAfrica. ProAfrica also applies for grants to finance projects that qualify for it.